Tracking Past Email Opens and Clicks With ActiveCampaign [Free Automation]

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This automation tags contacts if they’ve opened or clicked a single email from you anytime in the past. If they haven’t opened or clicked a single email you’ve sent over the past year or longer, there’s a good chance they’re not going to open any other emails from you in the future. 

I use this in cleaning up a clients ActiveCampaign account as a first step when we’re working on improving their email engagement. You can now use this same automation for free in your own app.

Keeping un-engaged email addresses on your list, who haven’t opened up at least ONE email from you, after emailing them for consistently over the years…Can negatively impact your ability to get your emails through to your list.

This automation can be used for…

  • Figuring out which email addresses you should let go of or consider stopping emailing. 
  • Auditing your own app’s overall email engagement and health of your email list. 
  • Cleaning up your email list and removing old unengaged email addresses quickly.
  • Identifying contacts who have clicked, opened or engaged with at least one email from you in the past. 
  • Tagging emails who have clicked at least one email from you.

Video Tutorial on how to Use This Email Engagement Automation

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Here’s how this automation can help you clean up your ActiveCampaign email list… 

First, you’ll need to import my pre-built automation into your app. Here’s the automation link to copy and import. < Right click this link and select “Copy Link”.

Then go into your app and create a new automation, then “Import Automation” by pasting the automation URL there.

Then you’ll want to add all of the contacts in your ActiveCampaign app to this automation. The automation automatically tags them based on their past email engagement. For example, if they’ve clicked an email they’ll get tagged (this can be used to segment the more engaged contacts on your list).

Or if they’ve never clicked a single email, they’ll be tagged as such with the tag, “Email Engagement – Has NOT Clicked or Opened Email in Past” and “Email Engagement – Disengaged Email”. 

If you’ve been emailing contacts on your list for years, and they’ve never opened an email from you, you can use these tags to segment them as you see fit. 

Repeat adding your contacts to this automation at any time in the future to update your list.