Funnels are Overrated, Your Real Fortune Comes From Your Email Follow Up. Here's How...

By Andrew Pfund

48:27 Minutes | Published on August 30, 2021

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A famous saying in business is “the fortune is in the follow up”.  That still rings true today. The problem is it takes tons of work. That’s where automated email follow up and marketing automation come into the equation.

It’s never been easier to leverage automated email marketing.

There’s another way to consistently generate new sales and grow your business that doesn’t rely on traditional marketing funnels or traditional follow up.

It’s called the “Scale and Prosper Follow Up Framework”.

This framework can allow you to create predictable and repeatable results that can help you scale your business. While also allowing you to multiply the efficiency of how your company operates. All without having to only rely on hiring more staff or contractors to support this new growth. At the core of what makes this work is your business’s automated email follow-up.

There’s not going to be anything to buy or opt-in to get this framework. You’ll get it completely for free in this video presentation and the corresponding worksheet that you can download as you watch.

What's Covered Throughout This Video...

Here are the four main things we’re going to cover throughout this video…

Why funnels are overrated and how you're missing the bigger picture if you're only focused on your "Funnels" in your business...

Here we explain why traditional marketing funnels are overrated. And why you’re missing the bigger picture of everything going in your business if you’re only focused on your marketing funnels to create new growth.

There’s lots of other critical areas of your business that funnels don’t cover. When you ignore these areas, it can end up holding back your business’s growth.

How you can leverage automated emails to grow your business with the same amount of effort as sending one email to a single person...

Many people think email marketing or automating emails in your business is going to be complicated or expensive. The truth is it’s not. Manually following up with each of your leads has an enormous cost.

 Here we’ll show you how easy it is to follow up with all your leads effectively, using some simple strategies that you can implement in your business. I’ll also give you a trick that you can use to write your follow up emails quickly. Even if you don’t consider yourself a writer or a marketer.

Along with tons of other follow up email ideas you can use to automatically follow up with all your leads. And convert more of them into happy customers.

The Scale and Prosper Follow Up Framework...

Here I’m going to show you my business growth framework. It will show you how you can improve and automate your business’s follow-up throughout all areas of your business. I’ll also show you some real-life examples of companies using some of these strategies and how they helped them achieve exponential growth.

Using this framework can allow you to systematically follow up with all of your leads, reliably generate new sales, improve your customer experience and make your business much more efficient.

How your real fortune comes from your follow up and what you can do about it… [Worksheet Included]

Here I’m going to show you how the real fortune in your business comes from your email follow up and why this is so important if you’re interested in scaling your business.

In this section, we will be going over the corresponding worksheet that comes with this presentation. This worksheet will serve as a roadmap that will help you create, and automate your email follow up throughout all areas of your business. This worksheet will guide you through how to add automated follow-up throughout all the different areas of your business following the Scale and Prosper Follow Up Framework.

This worksheet will also give you over 51 ideas of email follow-up that you can implement throughout different areas of your business.

Who is this video is for?

This video is for business owners who want to figure out how to get better results from their online marketing efforts. You could have some experience with email marketing. Or you have some email automation setup in your business already. And now you want to figure out what else you could be doing to get better results. What we’re going to cover here can apply to any business. You don’t necessarily have to be an online-based business to find these strategies useful.

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Who am I?

My name is Andrew Pfund. I got my start as a digital marketer in 2010. Since then, I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses in improving their online marketing. I was the previous co-founder and head of marketing for a membership software called Memberium. In under three years, we passed seven figures of annual recurring revenue.

I’ve sent out over 25 million emails through Infusionsoft and helped generate over a million dollars in recurring revenue each year since then. With this, I’ve learned a lot and I’ve made a lot of mistakes.

After all of this, the one thing I do know for certain is that email marketing and automating your email follow-up is one of the most effective ways to grow and scale any business. With this video presentation and corresponding worksheet, I’ll show you how to improve your business’s email follow-up throughout all areas of your business one step at a time.