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  • Efficiently scale your business through the use of software, technology and automation to maximize your profits.
  • Scale the amount of time you have to spend with your family and your interests.
  • Improve the value and impact you provide to your customers through your products or services.

Who’s behind Scale & Prosper?

Andrew Pfund

Over the past 11 years, I’ve worked with many business owners to improve their online marketing efforts and grow their businesses.

In 2014, I helped cofound Memberium with Micah Mitchell and David Bullock. Since then, I lead Memberium’s marketing efforts. While we all wore many other hats along the way. 

We bootstrapped the company to generate over a million dollars in annual recurring revenue in under three years. Throughout that time, we grew to 10+ people on our team. 

My proudest accomplishment so far is being happily married  with 3 sons. One of the things I believe is your business shouldn’t consume your whole  life. 

You should be able to stop working at a certain point every day without feeling guilty. Not allow your business to be running your life while you’re constantly “hustling” to try and keep up.

You should have time to focus on yourself. Your family. Your health, your interests. All while being able to prosper from your business and still making an impact. Now, I’m not opposed to working long hours when needed or putting in extra time if need be.  

If you find yourself constantly doing that all the time, that’s probably not what’s going to ultimately end up growing your business. This can be understandable when you’re just getting going.

If you end up in this lane for years, it can leave you burnt out. Or worse, it can end up burning up the most important relationships in your life.

Now I’m not saying that growing your own business is some type of cakewalk or four-hour workweek here. You probably already know that starting (and growing) your own business is one of the most challenging (and rewarding) things you can do in your life.

The truth is, with all the software that’s available now and the remote economy we now find ourselves living in, there’s  much smarter ways you can now grow and operate your business. 

Is your business ready for the next tech revolution that’s coming?

We’re right at the start of the next digital revolution in history that’s very exciting (and somewhat frightening) for business owners. This next chapter  is going to be driven by new software, automation, data, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

When done correctly, there’s a lot you can automate and hire for within your business to help you efficiently scale your business. AND give yourself the type of freedom that you want.  While allowing you to scale your business at a rapid pace that’s never been possible before. 

The business owners who can take advantage of these tools will be the ones who can scale their businesses exponentially.

The business owners who don’t, will find themselves at an immense disadvantage and left struggling to keep up.

I’m here to help make sure your business is on the winning side of this battle. 

Back to more about my background...

Since we launched Memberium, it’s become one of the leading membership platforms used by many of the biggest names in the internet marketing world. It supports over 25,000,000 members across the 5,000+ businesses that use Memberium.

I’ve worked closely with many of these businesses to help get better results from their online courses and membership programs. I served as the CEO for the past two years and previously as the head of marketing since we started.

We’ve generated millions of dollars in recurring revenue for ourselves throughout this time. Indirectly, the business owners we’ve helped collectively generate tens of millions of dollars in recurring revenue every year.

I’m not saying this to brag. I’m saying this because I want to help you do the same with your business.

I’m also mentioning this because most so-called “marketing consultants” or people behind most “agencies” out there don’t have much real-world experience in starting, growing, and operating a business through the different stages of its life past seven figures a year.

My experience doesn’t come from theoretical ‘strategic advice’. It comes from spending years in the trenches. Growing a company with multiple products through different stages to seven figures consistently.

All of my knowledge comes from this experience. Writing reams of copy. Growing and training a team. Sending out millions of automated emails and broadcasts through Infusionsoft. Creating campaigns to systematically generate new sales and fulfill them. Consistently generating over a million dollars in recurring revenue each year and everything that goes along with it.

You can leverage my proven experience to help you grow your business.

All in a way that doesn’t drive you nuts or force you into having to “hustle” more by working 70-80+ hours every week. Or in a way that forces you to hire a massive team to support your business’s new growth…

Over the years, I’ve developed my own growth method that I call the “Scale and Prosper growth framework”.

These are some of the things that can help make the largest impact in taking a company from six to seven figures. It can also make a big impact on the bottom line of any established company. Here’s a look at a piece of it…

Part of the Scale & Prosper growth funnel.

Scale and Prosper can help you implement this marketing framework into your business over 3 months. We work with you and do all the work to directly to implement this framework for you in your business.

To be clear, this is NOT a course or online program.

We do all the work for you. Following your unique vision and guidance of where you’d like to take your company.

We’ll help setup repeatable systems and campaigns that you’ll be able to continue using long after we’re done.

With this, you’ll be able to consistently (and repeatably) acquire new customers and automatically (or more efficiently) fulfill your product so you can scale your business.

With these processes and systems set up in your business, you’ll continue getting value from the assets we set up for you long into the future.

We can only work with three clients at a time with this service because it’s so hands on and time consuming.

The framework is based on the size that your business is in. The path we take is based on the unique growth constraints that your business is facing and what you’d like to achieve with your business.

To find out more about how the Scale and Prosper Method works and get an idea if it’s a good fit for your business, you can learn more about how it works here.

What Types of Businesses Do We Work With?

We only want to work with businesses that we know we can help. Here’s a quick overview of the type of businesses who we can help the best:

  • Your business generates roughly $500,000–$10,000,000 in annual revenue.
  • You use Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) or ActiveCampaign as your marketing CRM (or you want to switch to one of those from your current marketing platform).
  • You’re a…

    Digital business owner, author, expert, SAAS company or established business owner who wants to improve the way they leverage marketing automation. Or you just need help with your digital marketing in your business.

Before we start working together, we’ll first have a short discovery call to see If we’re a good fit and find out if I can help you with what you’re looking for.

If you’d like to schedule a time to talk, you can click the link below and I’ll be happy to meet with you to talk about your business.

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